Our services cover a larger spectrum of business and development needs. We advise startups as much as corporations that are interested about the benefits of what blockchain and crypto technology can bring to their business.

We work on our own products and services centred around the blockchain and Smart-Contracting space. Our main focus is concentrated around Fintech, Insurance and Healthcare Solutions due to our extensive experience in these areas.

We run a local MeetUp Group in Zurich and conduct workshops to provide insights and technical knowhow around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We also organise Seminars with Guest-Speakers around the Blockchain space.

We build Financial Data-Tracking Solutions with real-time auditing on the Blockchain. How Smart is your Bank?
Blockchains are not the only solution to every problem, we can help you understand where this technology thrives and if it is the right application for your needs

The Challenge

Blockchain-Solutions have huge potential to enhance businesses, save on operational costs or add KYC enhanced functionality to your Services. We help you understand what it is and explore the aspects and possibilities of where your Business might benefit from it.

Research & Analysis

Analyzing what can be done technically and financially should be a very important part of your strategic planning around blockchain applications. We can help by providing an independent expert who is well equipped with relevant experience from various technologies.

Experts as a Service (ExaaS)

We aim to provide excellent service which is possible because we hire only the best in the field. With our Candoo attitude we have Experts at our fingertips who will guide you through the project or specifics with more precision and speed. Why settle for any less?

Choosing the right direction

After understanding which solution benefits your business best, it is vital to choose the right direction to avoid excessive and unnecessary development or integration costs. We guide you through this process to provide direction and understanding of the potential outcomes.

Build your Solution

Swiss Cryptotech will help you build your solution. Prototypes are a first step to validate the usability and performace of a future solution. Prototypes are also a cost efficient way to start a trial and get early feedback for the actual product.
Create smart, automated and scalable Solutions that are cost-efficient and competitive on the fast growing market.
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